My Story

Walking to your Grandma's kitchen smelling a fresh baked apple pie.
The smell of the grass once it's freshly cut in the summer.
Cotton candy at the local carnival.
The smell of suntan lotion & fresh sea air.

Scent has the power to bring back powerful memories. I remember sitting in my room, smelling my first Scentsy bar, Watermelon Patch. Almost 9 years later, it still remains my favorite Scentsy scent. I started 'my Scentsy journey because of my love for scent and memories. Since then I've married an amazing guy, had two kids, got a master's degree, moved from New York to Florida and my love of Scentsy and spreading the memory of scent is what has remained consistent.

I've traveled to places I would have never gone and met some amazing people all thanks to Scentsy. My life has been enhanced because of scent and I'd love to help you get started on your journey today!